Customized System
Built-in parallel GEMS solver
GEMS Box is a universal platform, besides GEMS, it can be used to run any other serial or parallel software packages
Support cloud computing
Excellent extendable capacity
Support Ethernet and Infiniband network systems
Use Web browser (Firefox or IE) to access to the cluster and submit jobs
Support Windows or Linux operating systems
Free cluster management software (Linux)
Smart cluster management software does not require IT support

Product Description

You can use GEMS Box system 24 hours 7 days nonstop with excellent reliability and performance. With the high performance network switch, you can extend the number of CPUs up to 100 with 1,000GB memory. GEMS Box system has an excellent performance for both large and small problems. This system can be recovered by itself when something happens the system. You can use it from anywhere if you have Internet connection. You can install any other serial or parallel software code on it.