Logic Periodic Dippole Antenna

A logic periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) includes 60 arms with different length and radius. The feed is located at the far end of the antenna, and the end with the longest arm is terminated by using the match load. The diameter of each arm is equal to two local mesh size, and the end of each arm is terminated at the grid.

Specify the antenna material to be PEC, and select all the arms in the "Object Browser" box.

(1) Click "Surf-current box.

(2) You can use the default mesh length in the "Set Current on SUrface" window, or change "-1" to "10".

(3) Check the surface mesh by selecting one arm in the "Object Browser" box and then "Tools->Surface mesh" option to view the mesh. If it is too
      dense or coarse, you can adjust the number in the "Maximum mesh length of surface" box in the "Set Current on Surface" window.


LPDA Antenna COnfiguration


Return Loss


Conformal Current Distribution @100MHz

End Match Load


3-D Directivity Pattern


Conformal Current Distribution @200MHz

Feed End with Excitation


Conformal Current Distribution @20MHz


Conformal Current Distribution @400MHz