Microwave Connector Analysis

A microwave connector includes two pieces and eight ports. Seven of eight ports are terminated by the match loads and one of them is used for the excitation. Since the connector includes many fine features, the nonuniform and conformal meshes are applied to accurately solve the problem.

The output parameters are the S-parameters at the excitation and output ports. Basically, we need to run the problem for 8 times to get the 8x8 matrix. However, GEMS only needs to run one time and use the mesh and material information in the first simulation. The next 7 times will use the information generated in the first simulation.

To reduce the coupling from one port to another one, GEMS conformal surface current module employs the surface mesh to accurately calculate the current distribution on the fine conductor surface.


Circuit Structure in Connector


Local Surface Current Distribution


Local Structure


Local Surface Current Distribution


Local Surface Current Distribution