SAM head model with cell phone
The SAM head model with a cell phone nearby is simulated by using GEMS. The MIMO antenna includes two ports and the outputs will be S-parameters, far field patterns, ECC and MEG, and 1-g SAR, 10-g SAR, peak SAR and 3-D SAR distribution.
The basic design procedure in the simulation:
Import the SAM head model in the SAT format and specify the material type for both the plastic shell and inner human tissue equivalent material
Import the cell phone model in the SAT format and specify the material type for each part
Add two ports and assign them two different source group IDs, say, 1 and 2
Specify the far field pattern parameters
Select the human head model, copy and paste it, and specify the SAR output
Generate the adaptive mesh
Specify the convergence criterion
Simulate the project using a single PC or cluster
The basic settings in the simulation:
Boundary PML truncates all six walls

Open space problem


Lumped port

With different IDs
Mesh Non-uniform and conformal mesh Adaptive mesh
Output S-parameters, far field pattern, and SAR You can output the SAR near the cell phone
Simulation A PC or cluster  
SAM Head Model With
Cell Phone
3-D Far Field Pattern

3-D SAR Distribution

Inner Configuration of Head
and Phone Models

3-D SAR Distribution (shade region)