40-Element Helix Antenna Array
This antenna array is not a small problem for other EM simulation software. However, GEMS requires less than 10GB memory and can complete the simulation in approximately 2 hours.
High Speed Chip
GEMS simulates an eight-layer chip using less than 5 hours and 10 GB memory. The high performance CPML only requires 2 cells of white space for the accurate and stable results.
Bio-Human Head Model
The bio-human head model, part of Brooks segmented visible human model, is simulated with a nearby dipole antenna. 3-D SAR allows you to view the SAR in any region inside the human head.
64-Element Helix Antenna Array
GEMS simulates 64 element helix antenna array with dielectric supports, PEC isolation skirt and a feed network. The simulation can be completed in about 3 hours using only 4 GB memory.
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
GEMS is used to simulate a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) model. The GEMS simulation results matches well with the measurement data for all three test cases.
GPS Antenna
GPS antenna system includes antenna array, radome, feed network, and antenna mechanic features. The simulation only requires less than 2GB memory and is completed in 12 minutes for accurate results.
MIMO Antenna
A MIMO antenna includes a pair of antennas with two excitation ports. GEMS generates S-parameters, far field pattern, efficiency, MEG and ECC, which are in good agreement to the measurement data.
Optical Fiber Structure
An optical fiber structure fed by one circular waveguide and the transmission coefficient measured at another port. GEMS can simulate it in 3 hours using only 2.6GB memory.
Whole Human Body Simulation
This model includes 47 layers and has a 1mm resolution. A pair of antennas is set in front and behind human body. The simulation requires less than 10GB memory and is completed in 2 hours.