Patch antenna
Two regular PCs directly connected by a network cable are much faster than the other commercial FDTD GPU workstation. The cost of two PCs is just a small fraction of the GPU workstation.

GEMS is used to predict the RCS (Radar Cross Section) of a dielectric sphere when a plane wave illumines on it. GEMS results match well with the MIE solution.

Dipole Antenna
Patch antenna
A half wavelength dipole is simulated by using GEMS to demonstrate GEMS Performance. The far field and impedance are in good agreement with the analytic value.
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)
Use IEEE 1528 Standards to validate GEMS accuracy for 1-g SAR, 10-g SAR, local peak SAR, and 3-D SAR distribution.
EBG (Electric Band Gap) Structure
The EBG structure includes 6-layer infinitely long dielectric cylinders. Periodic boundary condition is used to truncate the EBG element. The output parameters are reflection and transmission coefficients.
Slot Antenna

Two laptop computers connected a network cable to simulate CPW fed Bow-Tie slot antenna. Two laptop computers can speed up the simulation two times.